About Me

My name is Mpendulo. I love solving problems, hiking, biking and spending time with my wife and daughter - usually along the coast or building puzzles.

In my career I have undertaken a few roles, the most recent being a Principal Software Engineer - iOS, at Luno, a DCG company, where I led a global team of 25 iOS engineers (September 2022). At Luno I spent most of my time in the platform team, working on infrastructure, building tools, CI/CD pipelines, writing frameworks, and engaging stakeholders in recruitment, product, design and engineering management. To get an idea of what Staff Software Engineers do (albeit without the people leadership aspect of Principal Engineers), see Will Larson's blog - or even better, get his book or take a glance at my resume for a brief brief.


I like Occam's razor philosophy - a problem solving principle that states that "entities should not be multiplied beyond necessity". Following from this principle, I find that the best solutions tend to be well abstracted but within reason and easy to explain. Likewise, I adopt a low context communication style - don't be presumptuous and don't leave others to assumptions. As an engineer by training, naturally I am mathematical, but the Book that changed my life transcends all logic. There are many facts, but one truth, likewise many philosophical ideologies but one true doctrine.

Leadership Principles

  1. Start with why. Before you assign a task or give an opportunity to anyone, always explain why it's important - for them and to you and/or the business. Attach value to it.

  2. Whether a people manager or a technical leader you still work with people - therefore be cognisant of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.

  3. Delegation is everything, but only delegate what is worthwhile to you also - don't offload. Then provide solicited guidance but not control.